bought! now a project!

anybody recommend anywhere else to get carb rebuild kit, throttle cable, brake cable, and clutch cable besides dime city?

or is dime city the place to get them?
bought! now a project!

I like z1enterprises for the rest.
Barnett for the cables. They don't fail as often as the MotionPro ones tend to. I generally get a year, maybe, on an MP cable before the lug snaps off of the strands.

Find an independent shop down in Pornland (NOT a typo, Portland has more strip joints than all of WA state). Take advantage of being close enough to buy w/o sales tax. Look at the K&L Supply catalog for your carburetor guts, brake caliper guts if needed, etc.

Oh, and Kop is right, I didn't actually "grow up", I just got old and cranky.
Is there any kind of listing anywhere for best places to buy parts? Or is this just one of those, keep a metric ton of bookmarks handy for when you need to go shopping
sasquach said:
Check this place out for electrical it helped me out a lot on mine .

Initially that site made me laugh a bit (with all the 80's video game sounds and whatnot) but there is some really handy info on there! Thanks!

And to the O.P. good deal on the bike and good luck on your exam!
thanks for the support guys!

wow all different responds on where to buy parts and not one of them from dime city lol!

but i narrowed it down the k&L carb rebuild kit. i also was able to find both stock carbs for 40 dollars do you guys think thats a good price?

next week i will begin working getting the valves adjusted and this is just scary to me, i am more of a visual person so the manual didnt really help much....

setting the points i saw many youtube videos so i think i can attempt them.

i will try and work out the electrical issues as well. can anyone send me a picture of how they wired the radio shack rectifier it would be much appreciated!

sorry im such a noob at this! lol im still learning
Any issues with K&L call me
Any issues with Bent Bike Auburn , call me
Any issues with an ex girl friend or your garden call someone else .

Hey guys!

Looks like in at a stand still currently because the PO screwed up one of the carbs it got stripped or something.

And does anyone know where to get a replacement for the second picture?

Looks like it doesn't come with the rebuild kit.

Also what Carb do I have?


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Went ahead and took out all the wiring. Think I'm going to buy a whole new harness. Or rewire this one. Haven't decided yet. Lol

how do I get theses screws out? They were stripped when I got it?


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the second picture is one of the jets, I can't tell but it's either the main or the primary, the main is the bigger of the two. as far as getting that stuck stripped jet out, try one of those really small 4 fluted screw extractors, it's brass so the extractor should bite well and it'll destroy the jet but probably get it out for you
thanks roc! i will try to attempt it when i pick screw extractors wednesday!

i really need help with adjusting the valves.... i have no clue how this is done...

i tried to look at the manual, but am having a hard time following the guide.

does anyone have a video or a picture guide on how to do this on a cb350twin?
most of the videos on youtube are different bikes.
bought! now a project!

There are a couple pretty good guides at in the 350 sub forum.
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