CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)


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Scanned x-ray of my back from 6 weeks ago
The avatar should be the same but it's upside down ::)


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crazypj said:
Scanned x-ray of my back from 6 weeks ago
The avatar should be the same but it's upside down ::)
Nice bit of "Meccano" in there. Hope it does the job.


Your are the Six Million Dollar Man now....

Airports should be fun, or federal buildings, as you set off the scanners...

I can hear it now..."Is that a metal brace on your spine or are you just glad to see me"......

Maybe you should change your name...thinking "Tin Man" might be appropriate......

Other than that....hows progress...feeling better? movement coming back (limited, I know)??

Kind of like the press with Mrs. Lincoln: Aside from the shooting of your husband and president, how was the show? "

Edit: Make the "Crazy Tin Man"


Split personality, I fake being smart
feeling quite a lot better after starting meds again, was dumb of me to stop dead because I felt OK ::)
Been posting in various places, done a bit more with 'magic' ignition (if you don't know how it works, it may as well be magic ;D )

MK1 trigger rotor
, can be machined to use stock advance mechanism which is what I'm going to do first to make sure components dont instantly fail (yep, I'll carry a points plate and points cam until I know for sure)
Same 'wheel, 3 different views

MK II wheel, fits under 'points plate. 2 different views

New 'points' plate with some Hall effect sensors. Way more components than basic ignition actually needs but it can be connected to an 'ECM' later

Need to check exact 90 degree offset, circuit boards will get a slight 'massaging'
Complete thing can be flipped over to use 'on top' with stock advance or underneath for (eventually) programmed ignition direct drive off cam


Split personality, I fake being smart
Yep, I'll have to make a 'proper' rotor with built in spacer to get gap down to 0.5~1.0 mm then I can start assembling some stuff.
Still waiting for a couple more electronic pieces (and some motivation to get red frame finished ::) )


Split personality, I fake being smart
Bit more done, the GM 4 pin ignition modules I was waiting for arrived. Mounted on a large heatsink, probably way more than they need , but, the cheap ones are known to fail if they get too hot. Supposedly they need about 9 sq/in, total area of fins is around 23sq/in. Still needs some clean up and thermal transfer paste under modules but that will be after I drill and tap mounting holes

Been playing with high speed micro drill (Dremel clone ;) )
I'm in the process of making a 'drill press' so I can make some new emulsion tubes for VM carbs. Hoping I can mount magnetic rotor to it and check ignition will trigger at 28,000 rpm for testing
Being mounted on end of camshaft it will never see more than 6,000rpm (12,000 crank rpm) 8)
If it all works as expected it should spark all the way up, but, I think coil charge time may be too short, in that case I'll find out where it starts miss-firing
This is just a stopgap ignition while I'm working on programmable one

Going to start making a new fork brace soon


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Subscribed, I'm curious about the rear shocks, they look like emgos, which get a lot of flack around here for being too stiff, thoughts?


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Brendon's bike has shocks from DCC, I find them way too stiff but he's happy with them
I fitted RSY Chinese shocks on mine, but I rebuilt them so they work like $300.00 shocks
'Blue Bike' is also getting a set, when I get around to doing something ::)


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Took me three days to read this and another three to take it in. I'll never get it all. I am not worthy.


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Really needs re-arranging, I know it jumps about too much, depends on what I'm doing
Probably going to shelve ignition for a little while, need to make some fork braces to get some cash


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from looking at what you did to the sensor, are you putting the magnets in the underside of the rotor?
(I was looking at those same sensors)


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I was going to put them on top but now I'm doing something of a re-design although the one in pics will have magnets 'on top' as I already modified and epoxied the sensor in place, plus, I'm going to use original advance mechanism


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Probably going to be a while, just can't seem to get a break.
Stepdaughter is moving back in with her 10yr old (her husband is a right dick they are losing house, he's going back to live with mum in Mass ::) )
We have a plumbing issue that needs fixing ::)
At least we have another bathroom to use so isn't total disaster (so far)


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Shiiiiit, that sucks man. I had to do some plumbing yesterday due to poor maintenance by the previous homeowners. Hopefully yours is an easy fix!


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Hopefully its only temporary...You could always bail out and come up here and hang w me in "less than desirable" situation I am looking at.

8-12 inches, -15 temp and -50 below zero wind chills. I dont know if my Shop heater will keep up with this.


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