CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)


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I've finally made the time to read this entire thread and I love your attitude towards fabricating anything cool to fit. I have a cb360 that just let go one cylinder late in the season and have a spare locked up motor..... I'd love to pick your brain on where you mentioned GS500 liners/pistons for a 422cc build.....I have 450t valves to do larger on the head, and want to do your cam mods for improved oiling......also very interested in that ignition you started working on because I also managed to acquire some ninja ex650 throttle bodies that nearly fit straight on and I could convert to EFI with microsquirt......


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You can fit almost any pistons in any engine, the only important bits are the diameter and crown height
Crown height is most important, more than +/- 1mm makes life a lot more difficult
Anything that fits between stud spacing can work (less about 8~10mm for liner thickness and oil passage clearance)
Skirt length is easy to change if too long
Measure the smallest diagonal between cylinder studs for max piston size


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crazypj said:
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
My CJ391 has been stolen
It's in Britain somewhere. Was stolen from shed in South Wales
I'm wondering if it was the same people who stole the last one a few years ago.
I didn't contest that so they got a 'free bike'
This one I'm really pissed about

It's real distinctive as it has modified RD350 carbs, 70mm pistons, 'custom' exhaust, Maico rear mudguard, GS125 headlight Yamaha XT350 handlebars, CB250 tank, orange seat, plus, it's yellow
Was it stolen from the Garw?


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From Aberkenfig.
Keep an eye out though, the last one ended up in the west country


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I remember seeing a 360 scrambler in one of the sheds behind the Ffaldau (after the scrotes had burnt it down 2 days before we were going to buy it) It was covered in junk but had a painted frame and a similar exhaust, I always wondered if it was one of yours. This must have been in 2010 though.


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There's only 4 Welsh words you need to know:

Ach-y-fi ....... disgusting
Tidy ............ good
Cwtch ......... cuddle
Wanker ........ wanker


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Had a rough few months, haven't done anything on bike.
Tried starting it a few weeks ago, battery doesn't hold charge very well and has a dead cell. Been thinking about making a mini 'super cap' bank using 5.5v 1 FARAD supercapacitors.
Got some used ones cheap off eBay before Christmas, just got around to doing something with them.
Got a piece of copper clad board and drew out 'circuit' with a sharpie ;D
No idea what sort of amps I'll get so widened up copper tracks to about 3/16"
For a first ever attempt at making a circuit board and making etchant, I think it came out OK (usable ;) )
Needs a little bit more cleaning up with acetone (brake cleaner ;) ) then I'll solder the caps on
Should end up about 4"x3"x3/4", no idea of weight yet but will be pounds lighter than the 7Ahr battery
May not work, may expolde, but, it was an interesting afternoon project



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Soldered all the caps in place, found out I should have tested them first as one was bad. :(
I think eBay seller knew as there was a 'spare' ???
Weighed the almost complete set up, about 5 ounces compared to 6pounds for battery 8)
Anyway, still messing around with bench power supply and voltmeter checking the charge on each cap
They are not charging evenly, but, with 12.7v applied, max loading on any cap is 5.47v
Some are only approaching 4v and others less than 3v but are improving with use
I've ordered some 5.6v zener diodes to prevent the 'good' ones getting over-charged
Connected a 12v/35w headlight for load only runs or about 20sec but the caps are tiny so I'm OK with it.
Also ordered another set of new (instead of the real cheap used) they should be closer to balanced plus, small enough to keep in pocket if the used set blows up (should be able to get back the same distance as I went out ;) )


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Managed to destroy the headlight bulb shorting out individual caps, forgot incandescent bulb doesn't like sudden surge current with 12.6v and unknown amps when I got to the end :eek:
I connected a 4w bulb and got fed up waiting for it to go out after I took input power away.
Individual caps were still showing slight voltage when I disconnected light completely
The individual caps are getting batter as they are being used, I read somewhere they will need 'conditioning' by charging to their max and discharging several times. They were only a few bucks as used parts so I'm going to experiment a bit (had them a while, forgot how much I paid for them, probably less than $10.00)
Though of a way to make a connector, just cut board to make a spade connector, not doing it tonight though
Going to add a small pair of 16v 1000uF caps to hopefully absorb any voltage spikes, no real idea what I'm doing but I am having fun doing it ;D
Added some 16v caps, the little ones
Oh,need to re drill the mounting holes, should have actually measured instead of getting totally carried away and guessing :eek:

Some pics I just took

The cap pack, full size
Almost all look pretty beat up even afterI cleaned the rust off ;D
The double black line denotes the negative side

Some messy soldering,I need more practice :D
Dragging solder around the traces just to see if I could and how difficult it would be. Cap I changed out at bottom on solder tile thing

13.2 volts input from power supply, 5.14 at cap. That particular one seemed to charge up real quick but could also read over 6V which isn't good for it. cycling from full to empty a few times seems to have made it more stable?

14.1volts input, 5.45v at cap. The circle is where the faulty cap 'lived', couldn't be one of the outside ones needed changing :mad: ;D


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.................and if it actually works on the bike it will be even better ;D
I was hoping Mydlyf would chime in and tell me why it wont work (or not ;) )

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