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Their high-current connectors are good. I'm using some on the infamous "three yellow wires" connector from the alternator on my GL1000s. Honda just used plain 6.3 mm connectors there, and they are usually the second thing after the belts that need replaced on an oldwing. The Hobby King connectors are good for much more current, have tight solid contacts, are gold plated, and easily shrink-wrapped to keep dry.

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Is 14-16v to much but? I’m lost when it comes to this. What bike are you running the turnigy 4s in mate?

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14v - 16v can give more spark energy with an inductive ignition, but as mentioned before inductive isn't the best choice if battery life is important. CD isn't normally fussy about supply voltage as it steps the primary voltage up to 400v or so anyway. I run Turnigys on a Bultaco.

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