cb750 - $2k custom

some spare tubing cut on the lathe......if i do another i would use the 90 degree elbow at the base to mount the bracket too instead of welding a tab on..........
joe@ v cycle....
just the brackets...i modified switch back for clearance and renewed the switch itself.....
would you be intrested in makeing another or 2 up? if so shoot me a $ via PM, hell if you can make a few we can caot them and i bet they would sell like hot cakes! just an idea
that is always my problem,too many ideas and no time or help to produce them-plus i hate production work even though i do make a few parts/ tools in the winter to sell if i have time/desire.....a one man operation only has so much time and most of it is spent making money repairing bikes....the cafe thing is a hobby i have had for about 15 years now ....i did notice that they can be bought for about $110.00 -tucker rocky or drag
have a good one,joe

lh header pipes with springs......
Bike is looking great!!! Really nice work

Why the springs on the header? My little CT had them and it looked like the pipe just slid in and was held on by the springs. They didn't seem to seal tightly though? Never understood it.
they work finedid add sealant to sleeve/pipe ...seen more on two strokes.

reworking...lower section has flush screws that hold it to h/bar mount and two dowels protruding on top. upper section has holes that match dowels andtwo set screws that go in from the fwd and aft sides to lock them together.....joe@ v cycle

lights are cut down 12v from radio shack with stepped bezels made from alum tubing..
almost finished with the panel....
hopefully not.....i have done several gauges ,japanese- nd,british-smith and a few italian and made up some special tools to repair them so hopefully it will not be a problem (famous last words!)....the upper lh plastic fiture(in the last photo) is to hold gauge in chuck, then i have a bearing roller attachment mounted on the tool post to crimp ring on gauge...will not be using normal gauge mounts. i drilled and installed two nut plates inside the lower gauge plate and this is how the gauge will be held on the bracket...
I meant interesting as in something good should come out of this, not that you didn't know what you were doing. Sorry of there was any confusion. Lovin' your work so far, mate.
no problem sxe .....actually did it all last night and actually had to open the crimp ring up due to the paint thickness...will get some photo's later on.
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