cb750 - $2k custom


did some micro work today...drilled, tap ,countersunk for 0- 80 c/s screws.....that is about .060 screw o.d.!

.....enough with the arts and crafts for a while- this thing tried my patients..
buttons for paging/selecting modes are cut down rivits and visor is aluminum with inside painted black..
ha ha- free game once it's posted .....it is amazing how well it recrimps it...
between black ,white, gray there is a wide selection of pipe parts at menards ,etc. to use to make tooling with....joe

oil tank cut,bent up and parts all made and mocked up. internal lines made and still need to do the vent/ breather to reduce overboard oiling..

welded tail,polished. heat formed lens from a cut down reflector, trimed up and need to intall and make inner reflector and tail light...
thx joe...
i don't know what that means but if it makes it look good sure i'll tool it...ha
can you explain?
happy holidays, joe

formed lens and trimed tail piece to fit, still needs trim ring made up....but on to inner reflector and light holder which i think will be done in f/glass..............
merry christmas......joe
Great attention to detail! You have, by far, more patience than I ever would. Keep up the good work! Cant wait to see what else you have in store for this build.
tail light inner housing
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