why keep it normal 78 goldwing slow build...

I dont know how your cables are but I found this and this is a good website
Nice, I've ordered from them before. Just recently for my cb. I will be getting new throttle cables in the future.
Not sure if you noticed at the goldwing forum but timing belts are very important to replace. Gl1000 motors are interference so bad things happen when they blow.
Amazon is the best price I've found for the belts. I replace them 1st thing on the 4 (5th was a parts junker) 'wings I've had. BTWm Comstar (78-79) wheels have the speedo drive on the leftm spoked on the right. The FSM has good assembly drawings of each. Also, follow it when mounting/tightening the bolts there is a sequence that must be followed and clearances measured at the calipers.
Dang, sat too long since running....number 2 cylinder not running.(cold pipe) spark at plug....time for my favorite thing....pull carbs lol. Oh...I have wire coming too..
About the 4th or 5th time, removing/replacing the carbs gets to be just another job. Long hemostats from Harbor Freight help.
Lol. I'm pretty used to it now...this will be the 5th time on this bike. Hope it's as easy as a stuck float.
I just hope I get lucky with my carbs but I guess ill find out tomorrow hopefully at least but I have rebuilt carbs so not that big of a deal

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Fingers crossed for you. They arent terrible, read up on randakks stuff and your good. Not sure if mike Nixon has info on rebuilding them....hes smart too lol.
Its on the randaks but you can keep the 2 halfs either side of the plenum together and not bugger the linkages etc. You can strip the bodies in the pairs and clean them etc. Saves a ton of fiddly work.
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